• The 5 Fastest RC Cars You Can Buy Today

Get one of these and you’ll earn the bragging rights among your mates

Mankind’s need for speed transcends full-size cars and motorsport to stretch into video games and toy cars, too - RC cars, to be more precise.

So whether you’re looking to impress you pals with your brand-new lightning-quick RC car or you just enjoy raising a rooster tail after a heavy rain on your street, here are some of the fastest RC cars you can buy (and maybe race) today.

JLB Racing Cheetah - 50 MPH

The 5 Fastest RC Cars You Can Buy Today
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Stretching to 20.1 inches in length, 14.6 inches in width, and 8.3 inches in height, the JLB Racing Cheetah is equally apt at taking on asphalt flats or muddy ground thanks to a ground clearance of almost two inches. It also rides on chunky all-terrain tires that stand for excellent traction on tarmac or trickier surfaces, such as sand.

However, the Racing Cheetah’s main selling point is its ability to reach speeds of up to 80 kph (50 mph) and also perform wheelies. Behind such capabilities lies a brushless 120A, 2500-kV electric motor that’s fed by a 11.1-volt (4000 mAh) Li-Po 3S battery pack. The manufacturer also says that on a Li-Po 4S battery juicing up the 120A e-motor the JLB Racing Cheetah can reach speeds of up to 65 mph (105 kph), although it doesn’t recommend trying it.

Get it on Amazon for $420.

Traxxas XO-1 - 100 MPH

The 5 Fastest RC Cars You Can Buy Today
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The XO-1 from Traxxas is a 100-mph RC car. Yes, no typo there. It can reach 100 mph (160 kph) in just five seconds so we can easily call it the supercar of all RC cars. And just like a McLaren or a Ferrari, the Traxxas XO-1 has a body kit that’s been aerodynamically optimized for extra stability and downforce at higher speeds. Hence the miniature Zenvo-like look.

Mind you, for the Traxxas XO-1 to reach 100+ mph, you’ll need to fit it with two 3S 5000-mAh Li-Po battery packs to power the Traxxas Big Block brushless electric motor. You’ll also want to do it on the smoothest asphalt you can find, because the XO-1 sits almost tucked into the ground - in fact, ground clearance is only 0.59 inches.

If a wrinkle-free surface is not what you want, Traxxas says you can take the XO-1 on rougher ground, too, because it’s fitted with the TSM (Traxxas Stability Management). Essentially, the setup makes steering corrections during cornering as it senses the car’s direction but it also helps with full-on, straight-line accelerations. That way, spinouts and fishtailing are completely eliminated, which works both on the fun and safety fronts.

Get in on Amazon for $800.

Traxxas 8S X-Maxx - 50+ MPH

The 5 Fastest RC Cars You Can Buy Today
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While the XO-1 is your low-slung RC car, the Traxxas 8S X-Maxx is the exact opposite. Everything about the 8S X-Maxx is huge, starting with the eight-inch wheels and continuing with the suspension’s oil-filled, aluminum GTX shocks and heavy-duty axles. The 8S is 30.7 inches long, 22.3 inches wide, and 13.8 inches tall. It also tips the scales at 19 pounds (8.6kilos).

But despite its chunky proportions, it can reach top speeds of over 50 mph (80 kph) on uneven ground. Protection from bumps and whatnot comes in the shape of an all-metal drivetrain gears, reinforced axles, and Traxxas’ Cush Drive system borrowed from the XO-1. Ground clearance is a full four inches.

Also worth noting is that achieving speeds of over 50 mph with the Traxxas X-Maxx can only be done when the RC car is fitted with two 4S Li-Po battery packs and an optional pinion gear.

Get it for $930 on Amazon.

Traxxas UDR - 50+ MPH

The 5 Fastest RC Cars You Can Buy Today
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UDR stands for Unlimited Desert Racer and we couldn’t have thought of a better name for this bad boy from Traxxas. The UDR can reach speeds north of 50 mph (80 kph) when fitted with 6S Li-Po battery packs and at the same time it can tackle any kind of terrain.

Traxxas made sure the UDR lives up to its name with an impressive set of features. They include the Traxxas Stability Management setup as well as BFGoodrich KR3 replica tires, eight GTR shocks, three differentials, and a chassis structure that’s made of composite material. The Traxxas UDR is 27.3 inches long and tips the scales at 6.1 kilos (13.4 pounds). Even so, it has no problem in pulling its own weight thanks to a 2200-kV electric motor and all-wheel-drive.

Get it for $760 on Amazon.

Losi Ford Raptor Baja Rey - 55+ MPH

The 5 Fastest RC Cars You Can Buy Today
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In case you thought Traxxas makes the best and most extreme RC cars (well, they kind of do), know that there are some other brands out there delivering exciting products. Losi is one of them, specifically with the Ford Raptor Baja Rey. Powered by a 3800-kV brushless e-motor, the Baja Rey sports officially licensed Ford body panels and graphic packs, as well as bashing-ready, long-travel, four-link live rear axle and independent A-arm front suspension.

Power goes to all four wheels and that’s more than enough to propel the Losi Baja Rey to a top speed of over 50 mph (80 kph) when equipped with 3S Li-Po batteries. The chassis is made of aluminum and the electronics are waterproof, so you’ll have no problem with crossing muddy or water sections. In fact, you can jump it, bash it and smash it all you want, the Baja Rey will take everything you throw at it and come asking for more.

Get it for $500 on Amazon:


Tamiya Off-Road Buggy Champ - 30 MPH+

The 5 Fastest RC Cars You Can Buy Today
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Tamiya’s off-road Buggy Champ doesn’t come with all-wheel-drive but it doesn’t need it. Its charming retro body hides a modern powertrain setup, including a transparent mechanism box that protects the mechanical bits and bobs and the batteries. What’s more, the underbody features an aluminum reinforced plate and the four-wheel independent suspension has oil-filled dampers so bumps or obstacles won’t ruin your fun.

The manufacturer doesn’t give out a specific top speed rating for the Buggy Champ, but its vintage looks, rear-wheel-drive setup and low weight (it tips the scales at just over 1.7 kilos or 3.8 pounds) make it a hoot to drive. After all, you don’t need loads of power to have fun, you can easily do it with a lighter vehicle that’s also nimbler and more agile in corners.

Get it on Amazon for $513.

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